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1. scanner mobil VEDIS II AUTOLAND best universal

scanner mobil VEDIS II AUTOLAND merupakan scanner mobil best universal yang pernah ada sebelumnya.

Fungtions :
- Read / clear fault codes
- Data steam ( Live Data )
- Component activation
- ECU adaptation ( ex. idle speed learning, window motor reset, fuel tank type, immobilizer key learning, SBC / EBC control )
- ECU coding ( ex. install new ECU, day light setting, install new sensor, installnew component )
- Service reset ( ex. BMW: CBS Reset - time service reset, oil reset, brake reset.... )

System :
- Power train : gasoline / diesel engine, tranmission....
- Chassis : ABS, Airmatic, 4WD....
- Body : Air bag, Door, Seat, Parking assist...
- Information and Communication : instrument cluster, video and radio, handfree, navigator....
- Air condition : Automatic air condition, Heater....

Info :
MGK - Mega Glodok Kemayoran
Officer Lt GF Blok A8 No.7
Phone 021-70900481 / 581
Mobile : 0856 9317 8317 / 0812 9821 1020 / 0818 0854 8466
Pin : 22DC231C
Email :

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Product Image Item Name
Manometer Freon Merah
Manometer Freon Merah ( 70 MM ) x 1/4" 0 s/d 3400 kpa 3400 kpa = 500 psi = 35 bar Produk ini dapat di beli di :

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Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder
Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder Order No. : BI0170014 Type : BUL-OTO-VB01 Specification : For brake bleeding, Cap. 1 L, Air vacuum operated, Uses standart workshop air supply, Removes fluid...

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Honda Interface Module
Description: This interface module kit works with the OEM-Honda Diagnostic PC Software (HDS). It can diagnose all Honda and Acura vehicle systems on models from 1992...

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Portable Tire Changer
Portable Tire Changer Order No. : BI0170034 Type : BUL-OTO-TC01 Specification : W : 13.5 KG Package Size : 890 x 305 x 310 MM Produk ini dapat di beli...

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Disc Brake Tool Kit
Disc Brake Pad & Caliper Kit - 11pcs Disc Brake Tool Kit Merk : WIPRO Type : W 8320 Produk ini dapat di beli di : ( Harga...

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HCB A1008 1 Benz Axles Wheel Bearing Extractor / Installer
A great tool can be used in replace wheel bearings without removing the steering knuckle & strut assembly. As the spindle assembly isn't removed, there is...

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Automotive Oscilloscope
Untuk Melihat Detail Produk Silahkan Kunjungi TokoOtomotif [dot] Com ...

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Pen Thermometer
Pen Thermometer Features : Easy to use: remove the protective sheath, press the ON/OFF button and insert into the testing area. LCD screen shows readings in...

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Toyota Scan Tool
T605 has powerful functions, which can support all Toyota cars, with smart outlook, competitive price and convenient operation. It is a separately- operated tool...

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Honda Scan Tool
Here H685 can test and erase the car trouble codes and read the relative trouble codes. On the other hand, many mechanical problems, such...

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Bleeding Rem Tool
Dual Vacuum & Pressure Pump Brake Bleeder Order No. : BI0170013 Type : BUL-OTO-VB02 Spesification : Attach many kinds of joint to fit most kinds of vehicle. The body has...

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Kompresi Test Bensin
Compression Tester Kit ( BENSIN ) Merk : WIPRO Type : WP 1000 Produk ini dapat di beli di : ( Harga tidak terikat, sewaktu - waktu...

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Volvo Scaner
PC based code reader and live data scan tool for Volvo cars including 800 Series, C70, S40, V40, S70, V70, 900 series, S90 and V90....

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Ball Joint Adapter Set
Ball Joint Adapter Set Merk : WIPRO Type : W 8140 ( Harga tidak terikat, sewaktu - waktu dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu ) Untuk Melihat Detail...

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Mitsubishi Prof Tool
M608 contains powerful functions, which can support all MITSUBISHI cars, with smart outlook, competitive price and convenient run. It is a separately-operated tool without help...

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