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Decathlon 40

Wingspan: 172cm (67.75in)
Wing area: 49.17dm2 (
Length: 127cm (50in)
Weight: 3.17-3.62kg (7-8lbs)

  • 2-stroke
  • 4-stroke
Radio: 4 channels with 6 digital servos
Flying skill level: Intermediate/advanced

Key Features
  • Top-quality balsa and plywood construction
  • Covered in Hangar 9® UltraCote®
  • Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
Seagull Models goes the extra mile with the new Decathlon .40, an affordably priced, high-quality aerobatic high-wing aircraft for sport and scale modelers. Intermediate to advanced aerobatic pilots looking for superb sport performance at a very reasonable price can’t go wrong with this Seagull plane.

Perusahaan: Maniak Belanja

tanggal ditambahkan ke database: Rab, 17 Okt 2012



Product Image Item Name
T-6A Texan II
Wingspan: 630 in (160cm)Wing area: 6479sqin (418sqdm)Approximate flying weight: 84-93kg (38-42kg)Length: 583 in (148cm)recommended engine size:75- 91 cuin 2-stroke91-100 cuin 4-strokeELECTRIC CONVERSON: OPTIONALRadio System required...

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AT6-TEXAN Retracts included
Wingspan: 180cm (70.9in)Wing area: 47.4dm2 ( 117cm (46.1in)Weight: 3.6-4.2kg (7.1-8.8lbs) 4-strokeRadio: 4 channels with 6 servosFlying skill level: Intermediate/advanced ...

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Piper Cub .120
Wingspan: 224cm (.88.2in)Wing area: 73.4dm2 ( 142.5cm (56.1in)Weight:  4.9kg (10.8lbs)Engine: 4-stroke. Radio:  4 channels with 6 servos.Flying skill level Intermediate/advanced.  ...

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Glasair Sportman Size 91 (Landing Gear)
Wingspan: 70.9 in (180 cm)Wing area: 644.8 (41.6 flying Weight: 9.5-11.5 lbs (4.3-5.2 kg)Length: 49.2 in (125 cm)Recommended Engine size:75-91 2 stroke.91-1.10...

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EDGE 540 SIZE .46
Wing span: 150cm (59in)Wing area: ( Weight: 5kg (.11lbs) Length: 128cm (50in)Engine:.46 4-stroke. Radio: 4 channels with 6  servosFlying skill level Intermediate/advanced. ...

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Winspan: 72.0 in (183.0 cm)Wing area: 768.8 (49.6 flying weight: 8.8-9.7 lbs (4.0-4.4 kg)Length: 46.3 in (117.7 cm)Recommended engine size:61-75 2 stroke.91-1.00...

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SPACE WALKER II Size 1.201.5
Wingspan: 210cm (82.7in)Wing area: 70dm2 ( 149cm (58.7in)Weight: 5kg (11lbs)Engine: 4-stroke.Radio System required 4 channels with 6 digital servos/karbonite or metal gear. Flying skill level:...

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PC-9 .40
Wingspan: 154cm (60.63in)Wing area: 37.04dm2 ( 111cm (43.7in)Weight: 2.5 - 2.7kg (5.5 - 5.95lbs) 4-strokeRadio: 4 channels with 5 digital servosFlying skill level: Intermediate/advanced...

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EDGE540 .1.6-1.8
Wingspan: 197cm (77.5in)Wing area: 66dm2 ( 179cm (71in)Weight:  4.8-5.8kg (10.6-13lbs) 4-stroke. Radio:6 channels with 6 digital servos-6.5kg/cm. Flying skill level Intermediate/advanced.  ...

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Wingspan: 154cm (60.5in)Wing area: 42.65dm2 ( 127cm (50in)Weight: 2.5 - 2.8kg (5.5 - 6.2lbs) 4-strokeRadio: 4 channels with 6 digital servos.Flying skill level: Intermediate/advanced. ...

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ZERO FLIGHTER size 75-91
Wingspan: 669 in (170cm)Wing area: 7611sqin (491sqdm)Approximate flying weight: 93lbs (42kg)Length: 499 in (1268cm)recommended engine size: 75-91 cuin2-stroke91-125 cuin4-strokeELECTRIC CONVERSON: OPTIONALRadio System required 6 channel with 8 digital...

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MXS-R size 91
Wingspan: 65.4 in (166cm)Wing area: ( flying weight: .9.3lbs (4.2kg)Length: .55.8 in (141.8cm)recommended engine size:.91-1.0 cu.in2-stroke.1.0-1.25 cu.in4-stroke.ELECTRIC CONVERSON: : OPTIONAL.Radio System required 4 channel...

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Space Walker II Size 4046
Wingspan: 160cm (63in)Wing area: 40.47dm2 ( 122.3cm (48in)Weight: 2.8-2.95kg (6.2-6.5lbs) 4-stroke.Radio: 4 channels with 5 digital servos.Flying skill level: Intermediate/advanced.  ...

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Wingspan: 180cm (85.4in)Wing area: 61dm2 ( 155cm (61.3in)Weight: 4.5-5.2kg (10.6-11.5lbs) (2stroke) (4stroke)Radio: 4 channels with 6 digital servos karbonite or metal gear.Flying skill level: Intermediate/advanced.  ...

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Sport Cruiser Size 91
Winspan: 70.9 in (180 cm)Wing area: 844.8 (54.5 flying weight: 9.7-10.6 lbs (4.4-4.8 kg)Length: 49.7 in (126.2 cm)Recommended engine size:7.5-9.5 2 stroke.91-1.25...

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