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Diesel Fuel Injection System Common Rail

Diesel Fuel-Injection System Common Rail
# System overview of passenger cars and commercial vehicles
# Piezo-inline injectors
# High pressure pumps

The familiar yellow Technical Instruction series from Bosch have long proved one of their most popular instructional aids. The "Bosch Yellow Jackets" provide a clear and concise overview of the theory of operation, component design, model variations, and technical terminology for the entire Bosch product line, and give a solid foundation for better diagnostics and servicing.

Bosch technical literature is clearly written and illustrated with photos, diagrams and charts, these books are equally at home in the vocational classroom, apprentice's toolkit, or enthusiast's fireside chair. If you own a car, especially a European one, you have Bosch components and systems.

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Buku Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines
Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines: Bosch Technical Instruction (Paperback) Describes the design and operation of modern inductive ignition systems installed in spark ignition engines. Two main...

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Trainer Starting System
Spesifikasi : Trainer Starting System Komponen : Unit Motor Starter, Kunci Kontak Deskripsi : Unit Motor Starter sudah di identifikasi dan di beri nama, di sertai gambar rangkain system starter,...

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Wheel Balancer
max. rim width : 1.5 " ~ 20" max. rim diameter : 10" ~ 24" max. wheel diameter : 850mm(33") max. wheel weight : 65 Kg cycle time :...

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