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Mini Jet Pilot (Painted)

Height: 55mm
Weight: 25g

Perusahaan: Maniak Belanja

tanggal ditambahkan ke database: Sel, 23 Okt 2012



Product Image Item Name
Pilot Blue 80mm (Painted)
Height: 80mm ...

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Small Civilian Pilot 70mm (Painted)
Height: 70mm ...

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Large Civilian Pilot W/Arms (Painted)
Height: 90mm ...

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Pilot Sport Brown 93mm (Painted)
Height: 93mm ...

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Revolectrix MPA FRC for PL6/PL8 ...

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Mini Female Pilot (Painted)
Height: 50mmWeight: 25g ...

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Pilot Sport Brown 85mm (Painted) 2
Height: 85mm ...

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Pilot Jet Black White (Painted)
Height: 100mm ...

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3 in 1 Metanol Ignition Digital Switcher
SpecificationInput volt range: 6V to 13VContinuous Current: 0-15AMax Current: 20AOutput voltage: 4.8-9.6V(stepped adjustable, factory default voltage: 5.2V) Wire type: silicon wireConnector Type: outputFutaba/JR compatible Input:...

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2-8S Battery Meter Gt Power
Input: 2~8SBattery Type: Lipo/LiFe/Li-ionCell Voltage Display Range: 0.5v~4.5vTotal Voltage Display Range: 3.7~36vAlarm set values: Off or 2.7~3.8vSize: 41x30x13mmWeight: 13g(with case) ...

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Pilot 110mm (Painted)
Height: 110mm ...

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Pilot Sport Green 88mm (Painted)
Height: 88mm ...

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Multi Checking Device Prolux
10 bits FUJITSU MCU IC design, reading voltage accuratelyLarge LCD display shows battery voltage and 10-step capacity iconCapable of measuring:Li-Po 1-7cell (3.7V - 25.9V)Li-Fe 1-7cell...

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Pilot Sport Brown 80mm (Painted)
Product Height: 80mm ...

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LED Program Card
This program card is used to program HOBBYWING's following brushless airplane ESC:FlyFun (also called"Fentium")SkyWalkerGuard(stop production)Sword (stop production)Note: This program card is NOT suitable for Platinum series airplane ESC.SpecificationSize: 92mm(L)*52mm(W)*6mm(H).Weight: 26g. InputVoltage: 4.8-6V(If the ESC hasn't built-in...

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