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Wingspan: 49.6 in (126cm)
Wing Area: 454.2 sq in (29.3 sq dm)
Weight: 1.9 -2.6 lbs (850-1200 g)
Length: 37.7 in (95.7cm)
Radio: 4 channel with 4 sub-micro servos
Motor size: Himark Outrunner C3522-990

Need to Complete
Speed Control: SJ Conquest 35A or 45A amp
Recommended Battery: 3-cell 11.1V 2200mAh to 3200mAh Li-Po.

Perusahaan: Maniak Belanja

tanggal ditambahkan ke database: Sen, 22 Okt 2012



Product Image Item Name
300Class-Wingdragon Brushless
Specifications:Wingspan:660mm/26inLength:525mm/21inWeight:268g/18.5ozConfiguration:R/C System:EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor:D2710 Out runner BrushlessESC:10A BrushlessBattery:7.4V,800mAh Li-PoServo:5g4 ...

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400Class J-3
Specifications:Wing span:1020mm/40.2inLength:690mm/27.1inWeight:650g/22.9 ozWing area:15dm2Wing Loading:53g/dm2Thrust:520g/18.3 ozT/W:0.8Flying time:>10 minConfiguration:R/C System:EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor:DST-1200 Out runner BrushlessESC:20A BrushlessBattery:11.1V,1300mAh/3s Li-PoServo:9g2 5g2 ...

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Wingspan: 130cm (51in)Wing area: 28 dm2 (.434 sq. in)weight: 900-1250g (.32-44oz.)Length: 100cm (.39in)Radio: 4 channel with4 sub-micro servos.Motor size: Himark Outrunner C3522-990.Need to Complete Speed...

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Fokker Dr.1 400Class
Wingspan: 640mm/25.2inLength: 534mm/21inHeight: 280mm/11in Propeller: 86Weight (Without battery): 378g/13.3 oz Flying Weight (with battery): 480g/17 ozConfigurations:R/C System: EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor: Out runner brushless DST-1200ESC: 20A brushlessBattery: 11.1V,600mAhServo:...

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PC-9 Scale
Specifications:Wingspan:850mm/33.5inLength:860mm/33.9inWeight(With battery):540g/19.05 oz Propeller:86(Three blade propeller)Configuration:R/C System: EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor: DST-1100ESC: 20A BrushlessBattery:11.1V, 1300mAh Li-poServo: 9g2,5g2 ...

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Wing Span: 39 in (99.6cm)Wing Area: 341 sq in (22 sq dm)Weight: 20-25 oz (567-709 g)Length: 39.6 in (100.5cm)Radio: 4 channel with 4 sub-micro servosMotor...

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F-14 Jet ducted fan
Specifications:Wingspan:1000mm/39.4inLength:980mm/38.6inWeight:1100g/38.8 ozThrust:820g/28.9 ozConfiguration:R/C System:EFLY-6B 2.4GHzMotor:Out runner Brushless Motor(2315)ESC:20Ax2Battery:11.1V ,2200mAh 20CServo:9gx5,17gx1 ...

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A5 Seaplane
Specifications:Wing span:1090mm/42.9inLength:720mm/28.3inFlying weight:470g/16.6 oz~490g/17.3 ozConfiguration:R/C System:EFLY-4B 2.4GHzMotor:DST-1200 Out runner BrushlessESC:20A BrushlessBattery:11.1V,1300mAh/3s Li-PoServo:9gx4Propeller:ABS AT-7506(3-blades) ...

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Spitfire V2(EPO)
Specifications:Wing span:880mm/34.6inLength:820mm/32.3inFlying weight:680g/24 ozConfiguration:R/C system:EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor:C4038-15 BrushlessESC:20A BrushlessBattery:11.1V,1300mAhServo:9g4 ...

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F6F Hellcat folding
Specifications:Wing span:990mm/39inLength:785mm/30.9inWing area:18.5 square dm2Wing Loading:53g/square dm2Flying weight:980g/34.6 ozPropeller:1160Configuration:R/C System:EFLY-4B? 2.4GHzMotor:D4018-950 Out runner Brushless (KV950)ESC:30A BrushlessBattery:3S 11.1V,1600mAh/20C Li-Po Servo:9g4 ...

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500Class P-51D Mustang
Specifications:Wingspan:1300mm/51.2inLength:1080mm/42.5inGround static thrust:1500g/52.9 ozWeight:1300g/45.9 oz Configuration:R/C System:EFLY-6BII 2.4GMotor:ST3511-600ESC:40A brushless Battery:14.8V,2400mAh/4S Li-PoServo:9g6 ...

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Seagull 2000
Wing span: 78.7in (200cm).Wing area: (31.5sq dm).weight: 2.2lbs (1kg).Length: 37 in (94.1cm).Engine motor: 400-480.Radio: 4 channels.Servo: 3 mini servo (23x12x24mm).Propeller: 9x5.Speed control: 30A.Parts listing...

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Wingspan: 139.6cm (61.4 in)Wing area: 31.4 dm2 (486.7 sq. in)Weight : 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)Engine: Ep Motor3CELLS/.Radio : 4 channel with 5 digital servos. Flying...

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Specifications:Wingspan:380mm/15inFuselage length:325mm/12.8inWeight:41g/1.5 ozBattery:3.7V,180mAh Li-PoCharging interval :35~40minFlight time:7~8minTx battery:6AA R/C distance:100m ...

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500 Class AT-6 Texan
Specifications:Length: 956mm/37.6inWingspan: 1300mm/51.2inHeight: 380mm/15inPropeller: 11X8Weight (Without battery): 1135g/40 ozFlying Weight (with battery): 1350g/47.6 ozHorizonal Static thrust: 1300g/45.9 ozConfiguration:R/C System: EFLY-6B? 2.4GHzMotor: Out runner brushless ST3511-KV760...

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